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RS PRO Fixing & Connection Element T-Slot Nut, Groove Size 8mm

RS Pro
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RS PRO Roll-in T-slot Nut

RS PRO offers this great T-slot nut to fit 8 mm groove size within profiles. These T-slot nuts fit directly into the aluminium slot in any profile. Fitted with a ball bearing which makes it easier to install the T-nut in vertical aluminium profiles. T-nuts allows it easier to install angles and accessories into the profiles with reliable and easy fixing.


The nuts have a ball bearing and thread, with the ball enabling an easy fitment and secure fitment into the profiles simply and reliably. Its mostly used for accessories or connections of other profiles.

Features and Benefits

Ball bearing for easy and secure fitment

Anchor for accessories or for extra connections

Directly used into the aluminium slot

Made from Stainless Steel Note Can be used with most RS PRO Aluminium Alloy struts

RS Structural System Profile Accessories

RS Structural System Profile Accessories include Cube Connectors, T-slot Nuts, Ball Catches, Turn Locks, Self Tapping Screws, Earthing Terminals, Cover Caps, and many other items. RS Structural System Profile Accessories are entirely compatible with Item Profile 6 and Profile 8 structural system components. RS Profile accessories are suitable for general workplace furniture system construction, offering light-weight, strong, easily interchangeable elements for a variety of profile types. The RS Structural System Profile Accessories form part of a modular system of components that may be constructed to form a wide variety of furniture structures, such as guarding enclosures, work benches, general enclosures, and other workplace fixtures.

Structural Element TypeFixing & Connection Element
Connector TypeT-Slot Nut
Fits Groove Size8mm
Thread SizeM8
Fits Strut Profile40 mm
Product FamilyRS Structural System
Product System40